Arctic Spas Revolutionary SDS Hydrotherapy

by May 20, 2024

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What is a Saltwater Spa?

Traditionally, hot tubs use chlorine to keep their water sanitized, clean, and suitable for use. However, as advancements in spa technology continued, the idea of using salt to maintain the cleanliness of a hot tub came to fruition.

When used in spas, sodium chloride, commonly known as salt, provides two benefits: smoother hot tub water, and a sparkling clean spa. Saltwater hot tubs use a process called electrolysis to break the salt down into sodium and chloride, with sodium softening the water, while chloride functions as a cleaning agent. Today, more and more people are choosing saltwater spas over  traditional chlorine hot tubs due to saltwater’s ability to provide a more luxurious and stress-free experience.

In this article we will be exploring the many pros and cons of saltwater spas, allowing you to decide if one of these innovative models might be your dream spa.


Pros of Saltwater Hot Tubs

Gentler on Skin and Eyes

The sodium in salt-water hot tubs actively softens water, providing a more natural and less harsh environment for your skin, eyes and hair. Whereas chlorine spas have been suggested to dry out skin by stripping it of essential oils, saltwater spas provide a luxurious and relaxing environment for even the most sensitive skin.

Lower Maintenance

Saltwater spas also recycle salt added to their water, meaning less user upkeep. Because these saltwater hot tubs continually resplit salt molecules into chlorine and sodium,they can ensure comfort and cleanliness while requiring little maintenance and intervention.


Thanks to minimal chemical build-up in saltwater spas, they require less frequent draining and refilling, offering an eco-friendly way to enjoy all the benefits of hot water therapy.


Cons of Saltwater Hot Tubs

Higher Initial Cost

Due to the advanced technology in saltwater hot tubs, the initial purchase cost will usually be higher than that of a traditional hot tub. However,saltwater systems usually have lower maintenance costs than tubs using a traditional chlorine system, balancing out the higher initial spa investment.

Limited Availability

Only select manufacturers of hot tubs have managed to incorporate saltwater systems into their products, which means that finding and purchasing a spa using saltwater  technology could be more difficult than finding a  traditional chlorine-based spa. Additionally, the complex parts used in saltwater tubs could mean that fewer models will be built and produced, adding to their exclusivity.

Choosing the right spa for you can be attributed to many factors, including your preference of saltwater versus chlorine systems. Although each model has an array of common benefits, saltwater spas can generally be seen as a more technologically innovative and advanced option.